Keeping Windows XP Running

Keep Windows XP Running

This is an article written by Wayne Parkinson from Abingdon Computing Essentials.

Despite Microsoft discontinuing support for Windows XP since April 8th 2014, the operating system can still be found on around 25% of the worlds Windows computers. So, despite the lack of ongoing updates and bug fixes, how do you keep your computer safe if you are using Microsoft Windows XP?

Security is the biggest issue. Despite the last Windows XP update being on April 8th 2014, it does not mean your computer will simply stop working. Whatever it was capable of doing then, it can still do it, however, more than one computing expert has estimated that XP is six times more likely to have malicious software (viruses, etc) than the current version of Windows. Several Virus software companies have said they will continue to provide updates for Windows XP for an additional 12 months since official support was dropped. So XP users have 12 months from April 8th 2014 to decide on their next move.

How do you stay secure?

Keep your anti-virus software up to-date and be sensible when you are surfing the Internet. Stick to safe websites you know and use common sense.

Another vulnerability in your Windows XP system can be via video clips or music downloaded from ‘dubious’ websites. The site offering this may want you to download a new codec to run the file. Codec is code to help you media player run video or music. This is fine as long as it really is codec and not something nasty that could cause havoc on your computer.

Just “be careful out there” and, make sure you keep regular backups of all your email, data and photos you cannot afford to lose.

For more information, advice and support, please contact Wayne Parkinson from Abingdon Computing Essentials.


October 28, 2014

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